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tormenta e harmonia

(1999) 15′
mezzo-soprano, alto sax, cello, accordion and piano

Commissioned by the Portuguese National Ballet

oda al mar y otras odas

(1998) 50′
mezzo-soprano, saxophone, percussion, piano, cello and contrabass (or chamber orchestra: sax, ob, clt, bsn, hn, trp, trb, perc, pn, voice, single strings)

Commissioned by Expo ’98

hours like veils

(1997) 24′
mezzo-soprano, violin, accordion, piano and contrabass.

Commissioned by Meet-the-Composer


(1993) 17′
violin and piano.

Commissioned by American Dance Festival (1993)


(1990) 8′
satb choir, flute and piano


Honorable Mention by the Roger Wagner Contemporary Choral Competition 1993


(1989) 17′
song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano