(1994) 6′
satb a cappella

Commissioned by the Dale Warland Singers for their New Choral Music Program by Emerging Composers


group Schola Cantorum of Oxford
directed by Jeremy Summerly 

Program Notes

Eres… is based on an extract from a poem, by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, entitled Testamento de Otoño. The work is scored for a cappella chorus and was composed in Amsterdam during the last two weeks of April 1994 – the daffodils were slowly dying away and the tulips were blooming. 


Sung in Spanish
Eres… (you are…)

Eres para mí la más bella,                      You are to me the most beautiful,
la más tatuada por el viento,                  the most tattooed by the wind
como un arbolito del sur,                         like a little southern tree,
como un avellano en agosto,                  like a hazel tree in August,
eres para mí suculenta                             you are to me succulent
como una panadería,                                as a bakery,
es de tierra tu corazón                              your heart is made of earth
pero tus manos son celestes.                  but your hands are celestial.

Eres roja y eres picante,                           You are red and you are spicy,
eres blanca y eres salada                         you are white and you are salty
como escabeche de cebolla,                    like a laurel sauce with onions,
eres un piano que ríe                                you are a piano that laughs
con todas las notas del alma                 with all the notes of the soul,
y sobre mí cae la música                         and over me falls the music
de tus pestañas y tu pelo,                        of your eyelids and your hair,
me baño en tu sombra de oro…             I bathe in your golden shadow…

by Pablo Neruda, from the poem Testamento de Otoño

Score Excerpts

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