(1990) 8′
satb choir, flute and piano

Honorable Mention by the Roger Wagner Contemporary Choral Competition 1993

Program Notes

Sung in English
Matutinal was written in celebration of dawn, the birth of a new day. In Greek mythology, Eos, to whom the poetess Zoë Karélli refers, is the goddess of dawn.


Poem by Zoë Karélli, translated from the Greek by Kimon Friar, "Modern Greek Poetry", Simon and Schuster, 1973, New York.

Hour of dawn, most beautiful, translucent,
glittered and glittering, cooled and cooling!
The light, a smooth-sounding music,
glides within and upon leaves
that glow from the kisses of nocturnal embraces.

Star-gleaming Eos comes,
golden-edged, flashing rosy light.
She walks on precious sandals, on alabaster feet,
leaving their golden traces on the azure
violet-covered mountains.

In the valleys
she awakens the rustling trees, and is a little late in reaching
the green pastures of tranquil fields.
She approaches, dancing with hovering feet,
and zephyrs, without strength, whisper
delicate echoes, sweet sounding conversations.
And thus the glorious dawn proceeds,
that she may cry out with all her echoes,
her lightning-flashing rays of light,
that her archon is coming, the most beautiful ephebe,
her flaming sweet lover,
her great and wealthy magician,
that the omniscient Sun of life is approaching!

In your heart
do you not feel how their vast bodies leap!
She drops in ravines the opal mist
of her luminous veils.

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