(2016) 85′
Opera in 2 acts based on the tale “A Fada Oriana” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen with libretto and music by Eugénio Rodrigues.

Program Notes

Imagine you are walking through a park and you find a fairy singing and another dancing between the trees. You notice there are other people watching throughout the garden. They are listening, through headphones and wireless technology, to the live singers and musicians.

This kind of opera is not a novelty since it has been done before, by other artists, and permits that opera can be presented outdoors with completely controlled acoustics to the point where a whisper can be heard.

The principal idea is that this opera be presented in a garden setting as described in the tale. The ideal place could be a city garden with a pond, that also has enclosed installations to house the musicians and for technical purposes. None-the-less, the work can be performed in any theater or opera house or concert hall with or with out headphones.

The opera Oriana, has a duration of circa 85 minutes, with one intermission, and was conceived in the molds of Maurice Ravel's, “L'enfant et les surtilèges”, it is not just a children's opera but it is an opera also for children.

Oriana - soprano (soubrette)
Queen of the Good Fairies/and of Bad Fairies - mezzo soprano
Fish/Spider - tenor
Poet - baritone
Narrators/Swallows - treble voices (minimum 3)
Old Lady/Snake - contralto

Choreographer/Dancer (minimum 1)

Musicians: 10
Clarinet/bass clarinet
Alto Sax
Piano (grand or upright)