são rosas

(2020) 13’15”
contralto, english horn, percussion (2), harp and string orchestra


(2019) 5’30’’
soprano (or tenor) soloist, satb choir and percussion


(2017) 47′
opera based on the tale “A Fada Oriana” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen with libretto and music by Eugénio Rodrigues.

a estrela (the star)

(2016) 30′
narrator and satb choir – a) two piano version; b) orchestra version
(portuguese or english versions available)


(2013) 6′
symphonic band (pic/flt1.2./ob1.2./eh/bsn1.2./Eb clt/Bb clt1.2.3./Bclt/A sax1.2./T sax/Bar sax/trp1.2.3.4./hn1.2.3.4/trb/Btrb/euph/tu/cb/timp/perc1.2.3.)

Commissioned by Cistermúsica 2013


(2011) 3’30”
ssatb a cappella and solo wind instrument

el viño

(2008) 7’15″
high voice (tenor or soprano) and saxophone (or clarinet) quartet

escape velocity

(2003) 11′
solo wind instrument (Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, oboe or soprano sax) and string quartet (or octet)

Commissioned by Andrew Swinnerton for the Gulbenkian Fundation Chamber Music Series

fontis amorum

(2002) 14′
soprano (child soprano or soprano) and string orchestra

Commissioned by Cistermúsica 2002


(2000) 16’30”
Soprano (or mezzo), alto sax (or Bb clarinet) and accordion (button)

Commissioned by Culturgest